The Orff

A very special thank you to the following individuals and institutions for their assistance and support:
The American Orff Schulwerk Association || website
The Orff-Zentrum, Munchen || website
Dr. Joani Brandon (Anderson University)
Jane Frazee (American Orff Schulwerk Association)
Sabine Frohlich, Research (The Orff-Zentrum, Munchen)
Esther Cappon Gray (Western Michigan University)
BethAnn Hepburn-Smoot (American Orff Schulwerk Association)
Peggy McCreary (Grenoble Studio)
Dr. Thomas Rosch, Director (The Orff-Zentrum, Munchen)
Pam Stover (University of Toledo)
Bob Thomas (Independent Researcher)
Lynette Thompson (Patron)